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Case Study

Mr Bally Luku is works as a relationship officer in a financial institution. He has worked in the organizations for over a year and very dedicated to duty. He has always been celebrated for his outstanding performance and has received numerous awards for his dedication and commitment to duty.

Over a period of time, his loan portfolio started deteriorating. It wouldn’t have been a call for concern, not until loans that were granted just a month ago started going bad. while the management team where less concerned, the branch manager who had been on leave for over four month due to a femur accident resume back to office after pleading that the top management team suspend Mr Bally Luku from booking loans. “What explanation can one give for such despicable performance over a period of five month” the branch manager taught to himself.

As soon as the branch manager resumed to office, he took it upon himself along with Mr Bally Luku to go pay a recovery visit to customers in arrears. Three customer were visited on the first day of visit. The customers promised to visit the bank for repayment the next day. The branch manager rallied more relationship officers in preparation for the second day visit to defaulting customers. The second day came and alas! the unexpected happened. Mr. Bally Luku disappeared into thin air. He sent a resignation letter with his staff ID card through the security personnel to the branch manager.

The resignation came as a surprise but was reported to the head office for further directive. His customers where contacted for repayment and as soon as they got aware that Mr Bally Luku was no longer in service of the company. Close to thirty (30)  customers came forward to claim that they collected loan and give it to Mr Bally Luku to help him solve his financial issues whom has now absconded.  


  • What should the top management team do to avoid such an incidence in the near future?
  • Who is responsible for the lapse and the high level fraud?
  • The customer are as guilty as the relationship officer, True or false ?
  • Was there any sign of collaboration in the event that took place? If any, how?
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