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Portfolio Report

The portfolio report of a Microfinance organization provides adequate information about its savings and lending activities. It also represents record of loan repayment pattern for the current recording period.

Timely and accurate data are analysed on the quality of the portfolio in other to take concise steps to put the MFB on the right part if it is derailing. Key performance indicators of the portfolio also include the outreach, breath and scope of banks activities. Portfolio reports are very useful in calculating portfolio ratio thus, giving a clear picture and health status and sustainability of the MFI.

Portfolio report for MFI’s are usually different from each other based on the employment of management information system

Portfolio Report items usually includes but not limited to;

  • Value and number of gross loans outstanding at the end a particular period.
  • The average outstanding loan balance during the period
  • Value of and number of loans disbursed during a particular period
  • Value of outstanding loan balance in arrears with one or more payments in arrears
  • Value of payments in arrears.
  • Value of loan written off during a particular periods.
  • Loan term
  • Loan/field officers
  • Portfolio aging analysis in arrears
  • Number and value of new and existing savings account
  • Number and value of savings mobilized for a period
  • Portfolio breakdown by product, region and loan officers
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