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In other to adequately monitor loan and portfolio performance in microfinance institutions MFB, reports should be generated on weekly basis for discussion between loan officers and the supervisor and monthly between supervisors and top management staff for decision making.


Portfolio Management Report Schedule

Portfolio report summarizes the status of loan disbursed and the collections made during a particular timeframe. Another important feature of a good loan portfolio monitoring is that it tracks the value of outstanding loan of the MFB in terms of late payment, ageing and risk analysis. MFBs depend so much on portfolio tracking system in providing information needed for staff performance and monitoring. This is because portfolio report is considered to be an important financial management tool for calculating key financial ratios used to measure the health and progress of MFIs.

Portfolio report comes in different forms and types. Below is a compilation of some of these reports generated by MFIs.


In other adequately monitor staff performance. Portfolio report is a very important tool to help make sure adequate information quides.  Below are combinations of items found in a loan portfolio report.


They include but not limited to;

  • Serial number
  • Account/relationship/loan officer:
  • Customer name
  • Phone number
  • Customers address
  • Gender
  • Loan amount
  • Outstanding loan balance
  • Disbursement date
  • Maturity date
  • Product type
  • Customer account balance
  • Past due principal
  • Past due interest
  • Total principal paid
  • Loan arrears
  • Days overdue
  • Status: show the ageing status of a loan. i.e. Preforming, pass and watch, substandard, doubtful, lost


For microfinance institutions that are using banking application, the much they are required to do is to spool the result out. The rest is left for you to sort to your specific needs

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