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S/n Report Type Frequency Composition
1 Installments Due or

Due Installments

Daily Comprises list of all clients whose repayment are due on certain date. Arrear loans are excluded from the list because the point of focus is money that ought to be collected on the report generated date or at a future date.
2 Late Loan Report Daily Comprises list of all client who have late payment and such has fallen into arrear. The report shows analysis of the outstanding principal, interest and number of days that such loan has been in arrears.
3 Cash Collections Report Daily, Weekly, Monthly Comprises list of all client whose payment were received by the loan officer or payments made into the MFB.
4 Loan Disbursements Daily, Weekly, Monthly This is a loan report showing the list of all loans disbursed during a particular period. Loans are disbursed at different interval hence, the need to capture it at specific times.
5 Loan Status Report Monthly The Loan status report is a record of activities in the portfolio report. Items like principal outstanding, interest, loan frequency, current status (early and late payment) arrears amount and loan approved.
6 Aging Report Monthly This report groups outstanding arrear into aging. Aging report usually comes in days range while showing the amounts, number of days in arrear and value of portfolio at risk. Aging ranges from (0 – 30 days, 31 – 60 days, 61 – 90 days, 91 – 180 days and above 180 days).
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